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PulseID Workflow Automation

Essential business intelligence and connectivity to boost productivity and manage production. 

  • Take orders from multiple sources. 

  • Live dashboard to view machine status. 

  • Generate reports on machine and operator efficiency. 

  • Track orders from production all the way to shipping. 


PulseID Personalization


Standardize your personalization processes from order through to production and scale your business. 

  • Hands free from order to machine to eliminate errors. 

  • Ensure high quality designs on a consistent basis. 

  • Eliminate machine downtime and speed up design retrieval 

  • Operators can manage many machines at once. 


PulseID E-Commerce Plugin

Add personalization to your e-commerce site and automate your production process for embroidery, print, laser and more. The PulseID E-Commerce Plugin is designed to work with Shopify, WooCommerce and Prestashop. 


PulseID API Toolkit

The PulseID API toolkit enables your developers to create their own applications by exposing them to Pulse's powerful vector and embroidery engines.

Companies of all sizes choose Pulse for their personalization technology

Create top quality designs and ensure they turn into top quality final products! DG17 includes innovations to speed up and simplify the digitizing process and new features to maximize creativity.

Tajima Software Solutions Inc.

Tajima Software Solutions Inc. (previously known as Pulse Microsystems Ltd.) is the industry-leading developer of software for product personalization and apparel decoration creation and automation. 

Led by Tas Tsonis, Brian Goldberg, and Hidetoshi Kojima, Tajima Software continues to create innovative software for a comprehensive range of personalization media, such as embroidery, direct to garment print, laser cutting and etching, rotary engraving, and more. Tajima Software has achieved continued success worldwide by spearheading the technologies behind emerging market trends.


By becoming part of the Tajima Group, Tajima Software’s vision is to provide comprehensive solutions to the product decoration market by integrating our world class software with world class hardware and machines.

Tajima Software Solutions Inc.
Suite 402
7125 Mississauga Rd.
Mississauga, Ontario L5N 0C2


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