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PulseID ViV.X Technology for Automated Personalization

ViV.X - Vector, Image and Video Personalization Engine!

Create rich, relevant, personalized renderings of any image on any product with ViV.X. Businesses around the world are using ViV.X to create a one-to-one personalization experience that drives conversion rates. The ViV.X engine will rapidly generate mass personalizations of text on images and 3D graphics optimized for any device. This technology has been used for digital print, sublimation, cutting and engraving.

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Image Personalization for Multi-Media Marketing

PulseID ViV.X users can design templates so that each unique customer sees their own name written in the clouds, lit up on a scoreboard or carved into a tree alongside your sales and marketing content. This personalized image can be used in direct mail campaigns, email blasts or other marketing techniques to help maximize customer engagement.

ViV.X Design Template

Template-Based System

With the ViV.X Engine, the design of a single template can become the basis for thousands of unique, production-ready personalization orders. PulseID ViV.X uses a special file format that can be created in Adobe Illustrator® to design vector templates, so artists are instantly familiar with the system and can begin to generate templates right away.

Work with 3D animation software like Blender to create your products in a 3D environment, and then let your customers twist and rotate them while they personalize.

Get 360°s of professional personalization with ViV.X!

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ViV.X in a Workflow Application

ViV.X works with intelligent, rules-based personalizations. It will collect all media orders in one system and can be equipped for barcoding directly to machines. ViV.X uses vector/raster management with multiple formats to build rich, dynamic multi-channel imagery variations.

Cross-Platform Server-Based Environment

ViV.X’s cross-platform, load balanced vector and image processing engine is server-based and designed to operate in a clustered environment, which makes it infinitely scalable in either Linux or Windows®. It can be integrated into a range of workflows and existing systems such as ERP, order-processing and CRM software.

ViV.X 2D Image Processing

ViV.X for 2D Image Processing

* Import existing artwork or create new artwork using Pulse’s special template format.

* Vectorize bitmap images.

* Apply effects like envelopes, drop shadows, and more.

* Automatically shrink text to fit within product boundaries.

ViV.X Video Personalization

ViV.X for Video

* Create professional video personalization templates using our Adobe After Effects® plugin.

* Fast rendering enables users to see their personalized designs in seconds.

* Significantly increase your click through and conversion rates from emails campaigns and websites.

ViV.X Contact Distributor for Details

Contact Your Distributor

Impressed? Learn more about what you can do with our powerful server based engine by contacting your local Pulse distributor.

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ViV.X 3D Animation

ViV.X for 3D Animation

* Use industry leading programs like Blender to create 3D product models.

* Apply textures to 3D objects for added realism.

* Easily create products with designs in multiple locations.

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