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PulseID Personalization Automation

PulseID Personalization Automation

The Hands-free Solution to Greater Profitability.

Standardize your critical production processes and eliminate costs associated with manual errors. PulseID’s engines have been designed specifically for high volume personalization creation for embroidery, digital print, laser and rotary engraving and more. The PulseID automation solution reads orders directly from your existing order information system, creating professional quality files directly from computer data or from online order forms. Through PulseID, we offer customized automation solutions for any apparel decoration business.

PulseID Saves Time


  • Eliminate machine down time

  • Speed up design retrieval

  • Automatic RIP for printing

PulseID Minimizes Costs


  • Operators can manage more machines simultaneously

PulseID Eliminates Errors


  • Hands-free from order to machine

  • Automatic needle setting for embroidery

PulseID Automated Design Creation


  • Best-in-class design generating engines

  • Increase the rate at which orders can be processed

PulseID Consistently High Quality


  • Barcode design into embroidery machine

PulseID is Completely Scalable


  • Seamlessly scales with your business as it grows without changing how you operate


Interested in discovering how much money PulseID automation could save you each day? Our average users save hundreds of dollars per day! Click the button below to inquire and one of our representatives will walk you through our PulseID savings calculator!

Personalization Automation
Workflow Automation
PulseID Workflow Automation

PulseID Workflow Automation

Effortless Production Floor Management

PulseID Workflow Automation provides the essential business intelligence and connectivity you need to boost productivity and manage your production floor. PulseID’s robust design downloading solution lets operators pull designs directly from your centralized database using a barcode scanner, while detailed dashboards and reporting systems are available to track the efficiency of individual machines, designs, and operators. The Workflow Automation solution ensures that your production floor is finely tuned to maximize profitability.

Operator Efficiency

PulseID Workflow Automation gives machine operators the ability to pull designs from your centralized database directly to their machines using a barcode scanner, eliminating the tedious design retrieval process.

Create detailed reports or view up to the minute statistics for any operators logged in during a selected period of time, and use these statistics to set production goals, accurately quote future jobs, and motivate machine operators to be as productive as possible.

  • Pull designs from a centralized database

  • Track operator login and logout times

  • Progress on current job

  • Pieces produced per hour

  • Number of re-sews

  • List of jobs processed by operator

Machine Statistics

PulseID Workflow Automation enables you to monitor each and every detail of your machines, from the current operational status, to a history of designs the machine has sewn out.

Produce comprehensive productivity reports through the administration website, and view the current design the machine is working on from anywhere in the world.

  • Total running time

  • Number of pieces completed

  • Stitches per hour

  • List of completed jobs

Online Designer Workflow Example
PulseID Web Services

PulseID Web Services

Customer Facing Personalization Platforms

Boost your web traffic and unleash the creativity of your customers by enabling them to easily create and purchase personalized designs with Pulse’s online embroidery and print solutions. PulseID Web Services creates an intuitive and visually engaging experience for your customers as they create their own personalized artwork on your website.

Let Us Create a Customized Designer for Your Business!

Pulse specializes in providing custom made web designers for all types of businesses. Our online designers are expertly crafted to improve your customer engagement and generate more profitable sales for your business.

Feature Highlights (All Levels):

Instantly create professional designs with complete control over image layout and personalized text.

Create personalized lettering directly in any internet browser.

Output hundreds of personalized garments from a single template using Variable Data.

Visual previews enable instant customer approval.

Manage product stock.

Manage order reports and production status.

Print worksheets with barcodes to transfer designs to machines in seconds.

Works with Tajima machines and all leading direct-to-garment printers.

PulseID Online Standard Edition

Hosted by Pulse, it links directly to and from your existing website.

Add personalized garment decoration to your website using your own garment catalogue.

Customizable design and font libraries.

Easy-to-use Administrator to manage orders, garment setups, design library and more.

Connects to PayPal™ for simple and efficient transaction management.

Assign different hoops and/or table setups for individual garments.

PulseID Online Enterprise Edition:

Hosted directly on your own server, the Enterprise Edition can be seamlessly embedded into your website.

Visually designed to your specifications so it matches your websites or applications.

Exchange information and designs between your existing website and ordering system through Pulse's API.

Display products and designs only to specific customers using IDs/accounts.

Add business logic that is specific to your company.

Returned images and order information can be saved in your existing shopping cart, or to internal systems.

Operate multiple websites simultaneously.

Web Service
API Toolkit
PulseID API Toolkit

PulseID API Toolkit

Create Your Own Apps Using Pulse’s Powerful Personalization Engines

Enable your developers to create their own applications by exposing them to our powerful programmer’s toolkit with an Application Programming Interface (API) for the production and rendering of embroidery, digital print, and vector graphic designs.


Add embroidery and digital print functionality to your own websites and applications with the ability to produce, manipulate, and display personalized design files to your customers.

PulseID API Create Text and Graphics

Create and Edit New Text and Graphics

PulseID API Add Effects

Add Effects to Text and Images Instantly

PulseID API Freeform Designer

Create Template Based or Freeform Designers

API Toolkit Designer Example
PulseID API Garment Library

Display Your Personal Garment Library

PulseID API Automatic Text Resizing

Auto Resize Text to Fit Required Area

PulseID API Supported File Types

Export Designs as PNGs, PDF Files and More

Enterprise Services Web of Possibilities
Entperprise Services

Enterprise Services

Every business has its own unique challenges to overcome, and not every problem can be solved with software that comes out of a box. Pulse recognizes that each business has specific needs in order to thrive as a successful company, and has worked diligently to create customized software solutions for many leaders in the apparel decoration industry. Our PulseID software solutions can help you with design creation and the automation of your machines, eliminating production errors and drastically improving your productivity and profitability. Whether you run an online store or an extensive chain of retail shops, we can create custom software designed specifically to integrate into your current production processes, no matter the size or style of your business. Contact us to speak about the challenges your business faces and how our customized software solutions can help your business grow.

Enteprise Services

Companies of all sizes choose Pulse for their personalization technology

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