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Introducing Tajima DG17

Increase productivity by optimizing all your embroidery processes with Tajima DG17. With DG17 you’ll save time on both your digitizing and production!

Create top quality designs and ensure they turn into top quality products.

  • Presserfoot

  • iTM,

  • Machine Messages

  • Set RPM

  • Satin Caps

  • Add Garment Tool

  • Export Image

Enhancements to speed up and simplify the digitizing process.

  • Action Symbols

  • Color Match

  • PulseCloud Mass Upload

New features to maximize creativity.

  • Sequin Features

  • Bead Features

  • Variable Stitch Width

  • Evolve

  • Sun Stitch

  • Focus Fill

  • Rickrack

  • Clipping Mask

  • Mosaic Fill

  • New Fonts

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